Iodine - 125 microsources

Technology that conquers prostate cancer

More than 30 000 Russian microsourses

are produced since the launch of our production

Microspheres for the treatment of liver cancer


The production of iodine-125 microsources by BEBIG will promote import substitution in the field of high-tech medical products, which is very relevant today owing to the current situation in Russia and the world.

The first Russian production was created as part of a partnership with Еckert & Ziegler BEBIG, the leading European manufacturer of medical products and equipment for brachytherapy, and RUSNANO group. Total investment in the project is 688 million roubles.

Having its own production will allow BEBIG to simplify logistics and reduce the time for delivering microsources to medical institutions in any region of Russia; it will make it possible to supply microsources with different nominal activity values depending on doctors’ requests or to supply small quantities of microsources for treating a specific patient. This means it will be possible to treat more people.

Microsources are cylinders of medical titanium, with dimensions 4.5x0.8 mm; inside each cylinder is a gold wire – a radiomarker and radionuclide 125I in the form of silver iodide, located in porous alumina oxide ceramics.

Microsources are supplied sterile in a protective adaptor ensuring the almost complete (> 99%) absorption of low energy characteristic and gamma ray radiation. The number of sources used for one operation does not usually exceed 75.

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