Efficiency of low-dose drachytherapy for prostate cancer

In treatment of localized prostate cancer the efficiency of brachytherapy by using Iodine-125 (I-125) micro sources is comparable to the efficiency of radical prostatectomy and external beam radiation therapy.

This method of treatment is characterized by a low rate of complications, shorter hospital stay and rehabilitation of patients after the medical intervention. It is recommended that low-dose brachytherapy method should be introduced and applied in large, well-equipped medical institutions in the Russian Federation of federal and regional importance with a large influx of patients.

Advantages of low-dose brachytherapy over surgery and external beam radiation therapy





Patients receiving monotherapy by I-125 seeds may undergo the procedure on an outpatient basis or their stay in the clinic is limited to some days. Most patients can return to work and perform their regular job and duties within a week after implantation.




The cost of this type of treatment depends on the health care system adopted in the country. Data obtained from the American Insurance Company shows that implantation of seeds is by 25% cheaper than external beam radiation therapy and by 50% cheaper than radical prostatectomy. These calculations include only direct costs and are exclusive of additional indirect costs of patients who require daily radiation therapy, as well as expenses related to their long-term disability.

Low injury rate

Low percentage of urinary incontinence, rectal complications, a high degree of avoidance of potency disorders.


Acceptability for patients  


Brachytherapy can be used in patients who have contraindications for radical surgical treatment as well as in patients who are contraindicated external radiotherapy as a result of intestinal pathologies revealed within fields of radiation, especially in patients with inflammatory diseases.




Brachytherapy results are equivalent to the results of radical prostatectomy in terms of the behavior of PSA level. In patients treated with external beam radiation therapy these results are worse than in patients treated by prostate brachytherapy.

Specific features of prostate cancer treatment by conventional therapy methods.