Bebig microspheres

Microspheres in the treatment of liver cancer. How it works

Bebig LLC developed and introduced in 2019 radionuclide therapy technology to treat these diseases, as the treatments currently available to Russian doctors are unable to provide a high quality of life and delay the progression of the disease.

The basic idea of ​​radionuclide therapy is the delivery of radioactive isotopes directly into the tumor and its subsequent destruction by ionizing radiation. Such treatment technology with various ways of delivery of radionuclides have been successfully used for the treatment of prostate cancer, thyroid cancer and other diseases.

Nanostructured microspheres being developed by Bebig based on silicon and phosphorus alloy are designed for the treatment of primary and metastatic unresectable liver cancer and pancreatic cancer, and the creation of polymer microspheres and microspheres based on amorphous silicon compounds (special glasses) will first of all allow receiving effective treatment method for metastatic and primary liver cancer.


  • embolization (blockage) of the tumor blood vessels;
  • selective accumulation in the tumor and its destruction with the targeted radiation;
  • microspheres with yttrium-90 are administered intraarterially, ensuring defeat of the maximum number of tumor lesions, so they are useful for the treatment of metastases

Advantages of using microspheres

  • Minimally invasive process of introduction
  • Minimal damage to healthy tissue
  • Impact on all lesions and tumor metastases
  • Ability to deliver virtually any radiation dose into tumor


  • treatment of inoperable primary and metastatic liver cancer;
  • treatment of pancreatic cancer;
  • possible expansion of indications for other localizations of malignant tumors

The drug is injected locally and provides irradiation of a particular tumor node that defines its application, and therefore is indicated for treatment of primary liver cancer.


  • the average patient survival when used in conjunction with yttrium microspheres and chemotherapy increased from 13 to 27 months compared to chemotherapy alone;
  • 89% of patients showed a positive response to treatment;
  • 27% showed a decrease in tumor size

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