BEBIG company together with the German company IBT Bebig Group organized a training seminar for physicians practicing brachytherapy “Implantation of permanent IsoCord implants for the treatment of patients with prostate cancer.”

The seminar was held in Berlin (Germany), on the basis of AOZ Ullesteinhaus clinic and IBT Bebig company from February 17 to 21, 2010, about 21 people participated in it.

The training included both theoretical training on the implantation of sources and dosimetry, and practical exercises, including presence at the operations carried out by the specialists well-known in their field, Dr. Thomas Henkel and Frank Kahmann. This event was held on the eve of launching the domestic production line of microsources with iodine-125, required for prostate cancer brachytherapy.

The project of microsource domestic production was implemented with the support and funding of SC “Rusnanotech” (Russian State Corporation for Nanotechnologies). We thank all the doctors, who were able to participate in the workshop! We hope that the training was useful and you will be able to apply the obtained skills in your practice.

We also thank our German partners - IBT Bebig Group - for organizing the workshop and a warm welcome.